Why is VA the only state on the East coast that still allows this practice?

Omega makes about 8 cents a pound for menhaden. Has anyone ever analyzed the economic value of leaving menhaden in the water?

Recreational fishing, crabbing, other commercial fishing, whale watching, water filtration, etc. Isn't a shad worth more than 8 cents to the ecosystem and the economy?

Why did the General assembly fail to comply with the Bay Cap?

What can we do as concerned citizens to end this practice of reduction fishing like every other state has?

Does anyone know how much bycatch is taken by these boats? Has anyone done a study recently?

We've had enough of this reduction fishery. We're tired of being run off of our fishing grounds and we're not going to take it anymore. It's time for the General Assembly to act.
The bay is dying a death of a thousand cuts. Keeping more Bunker in the water is something we can all get behind. What are you going to do to help?

The Chesapeake Bay is world-famous for Blue claw crabs and crabbing. Why do folks that crab have to get their bunker bait trucked in from New Jersey?

Draw a line across the mouth of the bay at the three-mile mark and shut it down. No more reduction fishing from this line in!

Senator Bill DeSteph we await your response, thank you for holding this meeting!

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