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Action to take right now 5.20.19

Protest the Marine Stewardship Council. Protest Reduction Fishing. We are calling out the MSC as the process is a “pay to play” system.

When there are many other sustainable options out there is no excuse for Omega to be stealing a meal right out of the mouths of our whales, dolphins, and striped bass.It’s time to end this barbaric cycle of sucking up forage fish to feed to farmed animals.  Let’s leave menhaden in the water to feed the whales, birds, and striped bass.

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Please sign this petition. We are collecting signatures via social media and will submit collectively. Bunker are far too important to our ecosystem and all its creatures to be ground up turned into pellets and spoon fed to salmon!

Takes just a second to sign the petition using our automated assistant on the bottom right corner of this page (Works best on desktop).

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Dear Marine Stewardship Council:  
We petition your organization to immediately stop certifying reduction fisheries.  Reduction fisheries target low trophic level species which serve as the foundation of the marine food web.  These species are too important to the health of the ecosystem to be scooped up in such massive quantities and fed to farmed animals, particularly to other fish.  Reduction fisheries represent roughly 20 percent of the world’s total catch of wild fish  and the fisheries are completely unnecessary.  Readily available food substitutes are available to feed farmed fish. Especially as climate risks grow, it makes no sense to put the marine ecosystem at risk for cheap commodity products.  Abundant and healthy forage fish populations are essential to a resilient marine ecosystem in a changing climate.  As a certification scheme, the Marine Stewardship Council should only consider fisheries that catch fish primarily for human consumption.  The MSC label is intended for retail consumers to make sound choices, and few of the products produced by the reduction fishery are available in markets. In fact, as much as 90 percent of the fish caught in the reduction fisheries around the world could be used directly for human consumption, but instead are used mostly to feed other animals. For these reasons we call on the MSC to immediately stop the certification of any reduction fisheries, including Omega Protein, the Canadian-owned fishing conglomerate under review now.

Action #2

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Your contribution helps us protect whales, dolphins, osprey and
other marine animals that rely on menhaden for our food.

Menhaden Defenders is non-profit, non-partisan 501C-3 organization fighting to restore menhaden populations in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico to levels that allow the species to play its historical ecological role as forage for predators.
To do this, Menhaden Defenders would like to see an end to reduction fishing in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.


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